Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-Eight

After a few nights of figuring out what they’d need to know for college and how to get a few scholarships to ease the financial burden, Cass and Shep sat down and took the aptitude test.  Shepherd had decided to major in Technology while Cassiel wanted to major in Business.  As the two packed up their things with kisses and promises to call, they left for the university.


They arrived after a two hour flight to their new home for the term, a rental house that would need some personal touches to make it feel like home.  And with three bedrooms it seemed logical to get a roommate.


And after going through all the offers, Cass chose a man named Arizona to live in the third, and smallest bedroom.  She had a hard time talking to him, or looking at him without blushing profusely.  Cassiel had a tiny crush.

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