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Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-One

Ayil stayed with Agla all day, every day, often just napping on the small sofa in the nursery.  Her brothers helped her plenty, but the moments where she got to play with her daughter alone were her treasures.  There was a new addition to the house hold, Tagas’ girlfriend, Sharah, had finally taken up on his offer to move in.  She helped a lot with Agla as well.  Elyon wasn’t seen as often by the family since she was often busy with her new beau, Seth.

And during the moments Ayil wasn’t with Agla, she was with Prince.  They had decided that she should be with their children- and that they wanted lots of babies.  A small army of children, if you will.

For a moment, everything was beautiful.  Everyone was happy, but then, Elyon found out some rather, well, shocking news.  It all started with a bout of sickness that she thought was the flu, but proceeded, causing her to see a doctor.  She was pregnant.  She kept it hidden, deciding to tell Seth first.  She even missed Agla’s birthday party due to the stress of it all, that and morning sickness…  Her dreams of being a model might as well disappear now.  Finally the day came when she wanted to tell him…  She met up with him one evening at the library and carefully navigated to the subject of her recent wait gain.

“Seth, I’m um, well, I’m pregnant.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yea, I’m pregnant.”

“Oh, well, who’s is it?”

Who’s is it?  It’s yours!”

“Are you freaking serious?”


Needless to say, Seth completely refused the child… and Elyon.

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