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Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty-Two

Alexander couldn’t look at his own son, leaving Nanael, Georgia, and Valencia to raise yet another child, though they did not mind.  Alexander was drifting away, floating towards a darker place and no one knew how to get him to come back to the family.  Everyone tried, even Ayil, but after he snapped at her that a blind girl like her shouldn’t be allowed to leave her room she stopped.  Then there came a night when Alexander didn’t come home, nor the next morning did he return.  Rain poured for four days, a storm no one could go out in.  School and work was canceled and the family stayed quiet, not daring to speak what was on their minds.

At the end of the storm came two police officers to the door with an earth shattering knock that rattled the dust off the silent shelves.  It was Ayil, who had been reading in the study with her boyfriend, Prince, who answered the door.

“Can we speak to the head of the household please?”

“Who’s visiting?” She politely replied, and heard the whisper of one man to the other, “She’s blind.”  “Yes.  I am blind..” Her voice had a slight annoyance too it as Prince came behind her.

“It’s the police, Ayil.”

“Can you show them to the study, I’ll get my mom.” Ayil asked, and after confirmation walked towards the stairs leading into the vast basement, to get her mother from her art studio.

Valencia came and sat behind the desk that had been Phul’s, and she looked at the two officers.  One had beautiful blue eyes, the other dark with eyes that looked like the bottom of a tea cup.  “What can I do for you today?”

“It’s about Alexander Hark..”

“Oh, what happened?”

“When was the last time you saw him?”

“Mmmm, possibly five days ago?  Before that huge storm…”

“Well, ma’am…” The one with the tea cup eyes spoke up, he had a chocolately rich voice, “He was found in the river.  We believe… That he shot himself at the top of that scenic hill near the river, and when the storm started his body…  He rolled up-”

“He.. killed himself?” Valencia asked, interrupting and standing to glance out the glass pane of the door, her daughter was not listening in as she was usually- the little spy.

“Yes ma’am.”

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Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty-One

As Onoel’s pregnancy started progressing everyone became aware and finally one day she announced that, yes, she was pregnant, but as well as that, she and Alexander had married.  Everyone was happy, new babies were always exciting and now that there were only two toddlers in the house it felt like everyone was growing up and away.  Even now, Elyon had found Phul’s old camera and was snapping away, photographing and scrap-booking everything.  Elyon had an artistic touch to everything she did, even the old hat boxes she found and painted over.  Then, just like that, Tagas and Jael were adults, along with Ruman who lived with Abbey and Sablo across town.  Rumors had it that Abbey and Sablo were getting married after the birth of their son.

Nanael went over to visit Abbey and Pierre one day, finding it amazing that somehow Pierre and she had the same eyes.  Of course, they were in the family for some time and had been carried around, but she had never actually thought about someone who wasn’t her child having her eyes.  The boys of Valencia’s graduated and later that night Onoel went into labor and gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy named Abasdarhon, and with the gift of life came a terrible price to pay.  Onoel died due to complications with her c-section.

It rained the day of her funeral, and Alexander, though he tried, could not hold in his grief and ended up leaving the church early.  Prom was a week away and Valencia insisted that Elyon and Ayil go and throw an after party.  They could use a bit of happiness in their youth.  Ayil couldn’t have been happier to go to prom, even though it was a little different than what she was used to.  During the after party Ayil got close to Prince Goth since her own crush, Seth, didn’t show up.  The youngest four of the family aged up, Nathanael into a teen, Samuel and Ophiel into children.Everyone tried to live without Onoel, but there was one person who just couldn’t do it- Alexander, her husband, and the father of Absadarhon.

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