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Chapter One-Hundred-Fourteen

Valencia called all her sons, and her stepson, to tell them of the death.  It was ruled, by the police that came to the scene, as an accidental death and no one even suspected Georgia.  Not even Nanael.  Valencia still believed the story she was told, that Georgia and Phul were talking and Phul, out of hate for what Georgia was saying, tried to go against her in a fight, physically.  Things got out of hand and Phul fell down one of the four staircases and tumbled to his death four flights below.  It wasn’t long till Valencia was showing in her pregnancy and planning a funeral.  But before that it was Elyon’s birthday.

It was obvious that Elyon was going to be a beautiful little girl, and even more beautiful as she aged.  She had Georgia’s nose.  Elyon referred to Georgia as her Mama and Nanael as her Mommy, as to not confuse herself, or them.  The funeral passed and none of the boys were called from school to attend.  Valencia was happy to throw herself into her pregnancy and work.  She knew things would distract her from the healing bruises and her husband’s death.  Onoel, however, had found herself a lovely man named Alexander and it wasn’t until they were a couple that she even brought him to the house.

But he didn’t really talk to anyone, he just spent his time learning the ways of the house with Onoel.  In the absence of Phul it hadn’t been decided, Onoel or Nanael, who would lead the legacy…  Maybe Onoel was trying to step up to the plate since Nanael already had a family and a daughter.  Then Georgia announced to the family she was expecting a second child with Nanael and asked Valencia to help her find a nanny- after all, they would both need to work and they would need to find someone to care for Elyon and their new additions while they were gone.

“So, Abbey, you’re good with kids?”

“Great with kids, I love them!!”

“Awesome, well, this is Elyon.” Georgia added into the conversation, “And I’m expecting my second.”

“And this will be my fourth.  My three boys are all at boarding school, along with my step son.  How would you like to be our live in Nanny?”

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Chapter One-Hundred-Thirteen

The two went up the circular stairs to the third floor, four flights of stairs descending below their feet.  Georgia meant business, and she would keep her word.  It might hurt Valencia, but she’d soon realize she was better than this Punk.  No matter what… it was an accident.  Or at least, that is what she would say.

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Chapter One-Hundred-Twelve

Valencia stared in the mirror and examined the latest of Phul’s violent outbursts of fury.  He was unhappy and… she was paying the price.  Every night was the same, and she accepted it.  She didn’t know why she accepted it, but she accepted it.  He would come into their bedroom and take out his anger on her then ravage her body.  She hadn’t told him she was pregnant.  He may have wanted the child but…  She just wanted to keep the baby away from him, as far away as possible, and that meant that she couldn’t tell him, at least to her.  She had even sent her three sons off to boarding schools- Tagas and Jael went to Military school and Ruman decided he wanted to go to the school of love and peace.  He was a romantic.  She needed to keep her children safe.

She had to cover this up.  Valencia didn’t know what Phul would do if anyone knew what he was doing to her- Georgia was a spit fire and might decide to take Phul on… but maybe that would be for the better, after all, Georgia worked out.  Valencia knew that she would have to come clean, and soon.  The farther she got in her pregnancy the more dangerous it would be- with her baby being out in the open as her womb expanded.  She needed to go to Georgia…  So she didn’t cover the bruise with makeup.

Georgia was receptive, and in the end Valencia crumpled and cried.  It was hard to bare, all this guilt and the weight of bruises.  She couldn’t fight him alone.  Georgia promised she’d take care of Phul, she’d make sure that no one ever bothered Valencia, or the safety of her children, again.  Georgia promised.  And Valencia trusted Georgia to keep her word.

And Georgia would.

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Chapter One-Hundred-Eleven

Valencia was pregnant.  She was pregnant.  She found a small, secluded pond, and sat, dipping her feet, flipflops and all, into the water…  She stayed there till it was dark and her phone rang.  It was Georgia.

“Valencia..” Georgia sounded out of breath.  “I’m in labor.”

What seemed like hours later  Valencia got yet another call.

“It’s Nanael.  They’re giving her the epidural now and the doctor says she’s at dilated at an eight and almost fully effaced.  She should be able to start pushing within the next few hours.  She wants you to be the first to know when Elyon gets here.” Came her cousin’s voice across the line.  They didn’t know… they didn’t know what Phul did…  She wanted to tell them, but not yet.

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Chapter One-Hundred-Ten

Valencia didn’t come out of her bedroom for a long while.  It felt like hours, days, she laid naked.  Finally she felt someone pulling on her arm which lay limp off the side of the bed.

“Valencia, for pete’s sake, I’m pregnant, I can’t be lifting your huge ass off this bed, now get up.”

It was Georgia.  Though she had insulted Valencia, the redhead just couldn’t help but smile.

“Come on, you’ve been in here for ever.  Your boys, they’re worrying, so you come here and I’ll run you a bath.”

She may be mean sometimes… but Valencia was starting to believe Georgia cared more than anyone in this entire house.

Valencia sat in the bath for a while, thinking…  Wondering…  What had happened?  Finally Georgia came back in.

“Valencia, I don’t know what is up with you, but you are in a rut.  Take me to my ultrasound.”

Valencia laughed. Georgia didn’t do nonsense, she didn’t do moping.  She was great.  She was the best thing to happen to this family.

The baby was going to be a girl and looked very healthy.  Having already picked out both a male and female name, the baby in Georgia’s womb was then referred to as Elyon- except by Phul who refused to even acknowledge Elyon’s existence.

Nanael was so thrilled to be able to refer to her baby by name, and so excited that it was a girl.  She was just, all around, excited.  She read all the books, she asked her co-workers for advice, she collected information and was thrilled.  But Georgia, however thrilled about Elyon, was concerned about Valencia.  Valencia.. had developed bruising on her body.  She tried to hide it but Georgia and Valencia had tea every afternoon, and Georgia noticed.  Georgia even noticed that Valencia seemed to be ill.

Valencia tried to hide all the signs but a trip to the doctors quickly told her everything she feared was true.

Phul had forced a pregnancy upon her and now she didn’t know what to do.

The chance of success with an abortion right now was great… but could she kill her child?

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Chapter One-Hundred-Nine

That night Phul was determined…  He was going to have another baby with Valencia.  No one was going to take this Legacy and drive it into the ground.  It was his.  HIS.  He found her in the bedroom after she made the bed, about to leave.  He took her by the waist, from behind, and dragged her, pulling her body towards the bed.  She kept trying to get to the door.

“PHUL….  Please, what are you doing, what are you doing, please please please please, let me go!!”

Valencia fell and clawed at the carpet…

Phul continued to pull her towards the bed while she struggled to get away.   Finally he ripped her dress off and threw her on the bed, her tears leaving mascara streaks down her face.

Valencia cried as she heard him shedding his clothing behind her.  She stopped fighting…  There was no use.

And then he left her…

Discarded her…

And she slept… and dreamed of a different place..  a happier place.

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Chapter One-Hundred-Eight

The following days were bliss for everyone except Phul.  He hated that Valencia was supportive of the homosexuals in the house.  He loathed it.  He spend hours every evening in his office brooding.  He was the patriarch of this family, and so help him, God, Nanael and her whore “wife”, Georgia, would pay for shaming the Hark name.  It wasn’t long before Georgia started showing and everyone in the house was flocking to feel her belly- even Valencia.

And a few months after that it was birthday time for the boys, all three of them.  Their party was a smashing success and Phul actually smiled since the wedding.  But he wouldn’t let Georgia or Nanael into the room where the party was held- even though while he was working the two were constantly helping Valencia.  It was around this time that Phul decided he wanted more babies.  And it didn’t matter if Valencia didn’t want to give them to him.

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