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Chapter One-Hundred-One

Valencia soon found out that she was pregnant.  All of the fooling around she had done with Phul all over town had obviously decided that it was going to fool with her.  She wasn’t the glowing mother everyone expected, instead she was sour and bitter during her pregnancy.  Maybe it was the back aches, maybe it was the nausea, maybe it was the fact that her old clothes just didn’t fit anymore.  Whatever it was, Valencia wasn’t happy in the least.

Phul took her out on dates and tried to lavish her with affection like all the books said to do.  Make sure she felt pretty, make sure she felt loved, but Valencia wasn’t having any of it.  But Phul couldn’t help it, he wanted to love her.  They were going to have a baby!  He made her go see doctors every week, after all…  Gwendolyn had died when she had gone into preterm labor and hemorrhaged.  He wasn’t going to lose Valencia like he lost Gwendolyn.  But she wouldn’t go… So he got Onoel, she would at least know something about medicine.

Phul built a room in the basement for his wife to be checked out and give birth in.  Valencia thought it was a little much but nothing would be spared.  Onoel had to keep assuring that everything was fine.  Phul almost forgot that it was Sablo’s birthday even, so preoccupied with the new baby on the way.  Onoel made Valencia schedule an ultrasound so maybe they would know more details soon.  Sablo’s party would be a tiny thing in the back yard.

Sablo was a little chunky, like his mother, but looked a lot like Phul in his features and hair.  He developed a Good Sense of Humor and that was that for now.  It was also Onoel and Nanael’s graduation, there wasn’t much to say about that, the girls had graduated with mediocre grades.  Phul finally finished the birthing room for Valencia while Onoel took her to her ultrasound.  He couldn’t wait to hear the news.

Valencia came home, found Phul and told him what she had learned; the doctor doing the ultrasound seemed unsure, but said she detected two possible heartbeats, but definitely saw male genitalia.  They were for sure having a boy.  But they were possibly having twins.  Phul was only a little disappointed, craving a baby girl still, but the possibility of twins was amazing.  Phul set up the birthing room to be ready for two babies.  They also sent Sablo off to boarding school- which he had requested.

The contractions started early that morning and Onoel had just left for work.  She had been taking midwife classes along with her regular job but wasn’t home when labor started.  Valencia breathed through them and screamed from the basement birthing room for Phul.

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Chapter One-Hundred

Life in the new town was easy, carefree, and filled with smiles.  Valencia and Phul were acting like a pair of teenagers while Phul’s cousins lived their lives as if each day were to be their last.  No one could have predicted what was to come next.  At the beginning of the week Sablo had his first day in his new school and made plenty of friends.  Valencia and Phul went out on a date before he went to work..  Which ended up in them enjoying each other publicly.

There was nothing sweeter, to Sablo, than finishing his homework and heading out for a nice walk with Nacho.  While his cousins worked on skills and talked and gossiped about his work places and his great uncle Christopher seemed to forget everything and let the world pass him by as he read, or swam, or fished, he would walk.  He’d walk everywhere with Nacho, playing with him, loving him, Sablo had formed a connection to his pet and desired another.

No one seemed to see much of Valencia and Phul, they always seemed to be out doing things.  It wasn’t until Onoel was in the grocery check out when she spotted a grainy image of two celebrities she vaguely recognized that people began to realize what they were doing.  Valencia and Phul were on the cover of almost every tabloid magazine somewhere between the throws of romance and straight up porn.

Onoel couldn’t believe it, the Hark name had been so pristine till now.  But it wasn’t her place to judge…  She couldn’t help but be disappointed.  When Christopher saw these images he became furious.  His wife didn’t put the legacy in Phul’s hands just so he could ruin it!  But it was all too much for Christopher.  He clutched his chest with a horrible pain slamming through it and knew… Knew it was his time.

His last words were of fury about Phul to Onoel, telling Onoel to take the legacy that was rightfully hers and run the other direction.  Onoel begged for her daddy to hold on, cried as she dug her fingers into his clothing.  He couldn’t leave her, he just couldn’t!!  She had been away in boarding school, she hardly knew him, she needed to know him, needed to have her daddy to walk her down the aisle, to hold her hand, to see his grand children, to do everything.  Through the blurr of her tears she swore she saw his ghost smile at her one last time before he was whisked away for good.

But what Onoel didn’t know was that, at that moment, Valencia was experiencing the first gift of pregnancy; morning sickness.

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Chapter Ninety-Nine

The Harks moved to a new town, they packed up their possessions in boxes, sold a lot of things, and went to Neverglade, a new place where they could be happy.  Phul desperately wanted to make Valencia happy and he didn’t need the memories of Gwendolyn clouding his new marriage.  With the move, Christopher’s twins returned from boarding school to attend public school for the remainder of their Senior year.  They had their birthday party at a park in their new town, letting everyone come who wanted to come.  First though, they posed together for some pictures.

Onoel had received Christopher’s blue eyes while Nanael had her mother’s green eyes.  Both had their father’s nose, but Onoel resembled her mother’s lips more.  They had a lot of beauty between them.  They blew out the candles at the same time and Onoel recieved the Shy trait while Nanael got stuck with Artistic.  After their small little bash he had them take the same pose so he could have a teen and adult picture of them together.  He wasn’t sure if they would want the Legacy but it seemed like Onoel may have some interest in it.  Onoel took the Jack of All Trades LTW while Nanael decided to go for broke with CEO.  Both girls decided to get tattoos.

They both went to get jobs, Onoel in Medical and Nanael in Business.  Onoel also decided to get a bit of work done on her face, just to even out her features a bit.  While everyone was off doing their own thing Valencia and Phul discussed their move and what would happen with them next.  Phul talked about going into Politics and Valencia made it clear she would never work.  That was okay, she could stay home and raise the children.

Phul wanted more children, but Valencia was a little reluctant to so quickly have children when they had just gotten in town.  She wanted to make friends before she was waddling her way through hospital doors.  Sablo, however, had plenty of fun with the family dog, Nacho.  They went on walks, played games, and had fun.  Later, Onoel’s new face was revealed.

Her eyes were made bigger, lighter, and slightly tweeked, the bridge of her nose was made a little less drastic, and her nostrils were enlarged a bit, her mouth was widened as well as her jaw, her eyebrows were curved and rotated slightly- and all and all, she came out looking almost the same as she did when she went in.  Next, she’s thinking of altering her body, making herself more attractive.  After all, if she wants the legacy she has to get a husband.  But for now, Phul got to keep the reigns.


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Chapter Ninety-Eight

The wedding was held at the house in the front yard.  They quickly arranged everything for a beautiful sunset wedding looking out onto the ocean.  Phul wanted to change the entire house to suit his needs but had yet gotten up the courage.  Valencia, soon to be Valencia Hark, was worried about different things; she had no one to walk her down the aisle.  Sablo, however, came up to his soon to be stepmother and asked her if he could give her away to his father.  It brought tears to Valencia’s eyes and she gladly accepted the offer.

Phul eagerly awaited the guests arrival, and the moment his future bride would walk down the aisle towards the fountain and him.  The buffet table was stocked, the cake was set up, and the decorations were amazing.  But while Phul waited and watched the water fall from the fountain, Valencia watched him.

She had never seen a romantic future with anyone, after all, she didn’t have a father and her mother was Claire Ursine.  But here she was, about to get married in a beautiful ceremony.  Life didn’t get better than this.

They exchanged rings in front of their friends and family.  Sablo walked his new step-mom down the aisle so she could marry his father and the family finally felt… whole since Gwendolyn’s death.  There wasn’t a tear shed out of sadness.

Their wedding was beautiful, and while they were tying the knot their dog, Nacho, grew into an adult.  After the party was over Valencia went up to their bedroom first, then into their en suite bathroom to freshen up.  Phul lounged on the bed and waited for her, knowing it would be a while.  After what felt like forever, she came out and struck a pose.  And she was… breath taking.

He had seen her clothed, he had seen her naked, but he had never seen her so… sexy.  She knew how to make an entrance, that was for sure.  That night they made love with the approval of the sim Goddess.  That night they began their life together.

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Chapter Ninety-Seven

While Valencia took care of her relationship Phul decided to get his son something that might make him feel a little better about life given the recent events. A dog.  In specifics, a puppy.  He went to the neighborhood adoption facility, currently it was the Goddards’ house down by the beach and picked out his son a puppy.  They were going to be small dogs, which might be for the best, that way Sablo could carry the full grown dog around if he liked.

With the introduction of Nacho Hark, Sablo decided to he wanted to be an Arc Builder.  He knew it would be no easy task, but he looked forward to the challenge of getting many pets under one roof.  Phul went down into the crypt and talked to the picture portrait he had taken of Gwendolyn.  He knew that she wouldn’t want him to dwell on the unhappiness…  She had been so amazing.

After his heart to heart with Gwendolyn’s memory he sought out his son.  Sablo had spent the day getting to know his puppy, Nacho.  Before Phul went through with marrying Valencia he wanted to make sure his son would be okay with it, and wouldn’t resent him in the future.  He had to explain that Gwendolyn wouldn’t want them to be sad forever and that Valencia made him happy.

Sablo understood, and Phul and Valencia started making arrangements for the wedding.

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