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When Will EA update?!!

So I have many legacies at once- I get OBSESSED then I get booooored, so I switch back and forth.  Right now you may have been reading the Harks (Legacy Of Angels), the Crumplebottoms (Crumplebottom Chronicle), and the Wolffs (Lone Wolff by Lone Wolff).  I’ve got bad news.  I deleted the Crumps and the Wolffs from my game- still have their backups if I ever want to play, but the Wolffs were going nowhere, and the Crumps… well Bella had a BOY.  W.T.F.  Couldn’t look at it the same after that.

Time for good news?  Yay! Good News!  I am going to create a new legacy, since the beginning of the legacy requires moving in to happen, not so much moving out, so I can do that till EA gets another patch out (never thought I’d be impatient for a patch!).  It won’t be as nifty as the Harks, but it’ll have a bit more “me” in it- I write the Harks to exclude my input, which is really hard, just for the record.  I might steal an idea. . . .    From a few legacies, I first saw it on the Food Legacy, then the Goodmoney Legacy (Different name but I can’t remember) where the founder talks through the generations.  I like that idea~  Sooo allow meeeeeee to just steal that.  No hard feelings, I’ll credit Sk…  >_> Skerer???  Author of Food Legacy Blog User Name Which I Can Never Quite Spell here.  (I know her real name from her blog, which is kinda funny because scarletsimphony and her both have two kids, both have legacy blogs that have naming schemes, both have names that start with S, and both have REAL names that start with S.  THEY HAVE TONS IN COMMON!!! ITS TOTALLY EERIE!!!!  like the lake.)

So about this new legacy?  There’s not going to be a theme, which is odd because almost all my legacies have a theme (Superbias = red/evil/sin, Harks = Angels/goodness, etc.)  I’m altering Anya Tyv, who was the founder of my Tyv legacy, where the family trait would have been Kleptomaniac.  (Tyv is like.. dutch? for Thief.)

Anyway, you can visit Naida Caldo here.


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Stupid Patches!

So it turns out that I am not alone in my Game Issues.  I’ve mentioned my game issues in passing, but here they are; if I try and move someone out or in, mostly out, I get stuck at the processing screen- sometimes for hours.  Its the processing screen after accepting the final household and what not.  I went to the Sims 3 Tech Forums and got told I needed a new graphics card.  I was like “UHHHHHH, WTF?!?! I’M ON A LAPTOP…..”  And so it was basically a “oh, then your fucked” kinda thing.  I was taking that with a grain of salt because how could my game be fine then like six or seven days ago start acting up?

Then my friend goes. . . “My other friend has been having almost exactly the same problem” . . . This means that its not me or my computer, it means its a system fuck-up.  Basically, the patch I last got was broken, and when a new patch comes out, it will fix my problem.  This means that Mihr and Holly haven’t moved out yet and I’ll probably post pone the Harks and go to one of my other Legacies. . . One that I may/not have a blog for.

I also might start reading more- so far I only read the Foods and Goodmoney’s.  If you have a blog that doesn’t have a kazillion chapters to go through, on here or on anywhere, LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I’M BORED!!!!!  Just realize that if you have a lot of spelling errors I just can’t read it- for some reason its the one speed bump I can’t get over.

Sorry about my naughty language too.



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Chapter Seventy-Nine

Anapiel updated the nursery’s wallpaper and most of the surfaces got an update- so that the room actually matched.  The two parents were busy trying to juggle both twins, running a Legacy house, and chores.

But walking was already down!  Anapiel had started with Onoel after Christopher had with Nanael and finished before him, that Family Orientated trait was showing through!  Anapiel and Anahel only had about three days till they were elder, meaning Anapiel’s little girls would be children after she was an elder.  But in no time Onoel and Nanael had gone through Toddler Training- walking, talking, potty training.  Anapiel and Christopher made quite a team!  Then came Phul’s impatience.

He threw a birthday party for Gwendolyn, so she would be a young adult.  (What did I tell you about his outfit? Spiffy isn’t it?  Hers not so much.)  He still had a thing for her eyes, and had pretty much avoided being alone with her due to his horrible attractions, but he couldn’t make himself wait any longer.  Just because she was “bigger than most” as some might call it, did not mean she wasn’t gorgeous- she was even more beautiful than Holly (my opinion- Phul agrees).

She had great facial structure, and THOSE EYES!  Phul couldn’t help himself when those eyes were involved, who could?  Even at this point he had no thoughts of Legacy, but he had been taught from a young age that the next generation was always the ultimate goal, above lifetime wishes.  But Phul could think of a few things to do in a tent while in various locations for photos.  They went from Good Friends to going steady within what seemed like minutes.  After they parted, Gwendolyn stayed in the park so Phul got many candid shots of her- obsession?  He prefers to call it love.  With her as his muse he completed the photography skill and unlocked the Panoramic size.  It was also time for Hassan’s former room to be converted into a bedroom for Anahel or Phul.  Phul could take his parents former bedroom but… that’s just a little bit awkward… to sleep in the bed in which he was conceived?

Mihr took to playing guitar in the library- disturbing the peace because it was easier to learn skills in a library.  That means he and Holly moved out.  Hopefully the two could have a child before they aged into elders in eleven days.

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Chapter Seventy-Eight

Another Long One, Coming Your Way~

Everyone was adjusting to the two new babies in the house, and Mihr had a strong want to marry Holly now, but Anapiel had a very different want- another baby.  She only had six days till she was an elder, so naturally she wanted her kids now- she didn’t have the luxury of being young with them, but hopefully she’d be able to see them grow up.  Naturally her age would put a large distance between her and her twins, and having another child at such a ripe age might be a little risky- who would care for them after she left this plane?  Nancy was still refusing that ONE game of chess against Anapiel, and she didn’t know how to get the old hag to just fork over the time so Anapiel could destroy her!  Anapiel busied her free time with the garden and finally building the crypt- something that had been in a dire need.

(You may have to click the picture to see it larger while I tell you what rooms are what.)  The top room is for rewards and things not often used, as in the nectar maker, and the fortune cookie maker.  The room below that, on the right, is for chests and nectar racks- eight line the walls, three are full.  The room below that with the straight walls within, is for skill certificates and rewards given to the sims from the city.  This includes Pangu’s Axe.  There’s a small bathroom below that, then a room for all the portraits of the spares- those that do not have urns.  On the left side there are ten rooms, one for each generation.  If you count them, starting from the top right one, it goes 1, next to 1 is 2, and so on, meaning the odd numbered generations are on the right, and the even are on the left.  Och’s urn was moved down to Room Four, and Youssef, who doesn’t have a painted portrait, but instead a picture taken by Purah, has that picture marking his grave (no point awarded).

These are pictures taken by Phul, to help start his collection, the one closest to the left is Christopher and Nanael, then there’s Mihr Painting, and Anapiel Reading (Chief Lifesaver).  These are Large Portraits and in Classic Vignette.  All three of these total to §453.  All these changes pushed the furnished house worth up to just over §400,000.  That means so far we’ve got 53 points- and we’ve barely gotten into the fifth generation, the fourth is still ruling!  Lucky us!  Anahel finished with the bass, leaving one instrument left, the drums.

Anahel wasted no time getting started on the drums!  Anapiel had decided, though she wanted another child, it wasn’t what was best at this time, and decided to not have another child- meaning that the fifth generation of the Harks was by far the smallest yet with only three members!  That was, unless Mihr had a child, which seemed unlikely.  He got the OK to marry Holly and immediately did so.  Christopher, needing only two more perfect fish, decided to finally fish with bait, and bought three different types of produce, tomato, grapes, and garlic, and would use them in places to get himself those last two perfect fish!

Mihr and Holly wed on the beach, and she became Holly Hark- what a lovely ring to that!  Holly and Mihr were happier than they ever were, and Mihr was only one skill point away from his lifetime wish, where they could move out and live on their own.  Holly’s lifetime wish was World Renown Surgeon- which was already completed by Purah, so she was alright with not being in the bloodline- and Mihr didn’t want children anyway.

"What was I thinking?!"

Anapiel probably had some other reasons why she didn’t want another baby after all.  Anahel was already up to level two in drums, same day that she finished bass.  It was up in the air as to if she would stay in the Hark house after her lifetime wish, or leave- since she’d no doubt be an elder by the time it was completed.  Mihr and Holly had 15 days till becoming an elder each, so the possibility of them having children was very slim, though with Holly’s new makeover she was quite something.

Christopher achieved his lifetime wish, and with that, another point for going past 100,000 aspiration points.  There was now no reason he couldn’t be the primary care-giver to the twins, and Anapiel able to work on her lifetime wish, that is, if Nancy would stop being such a harpy and give in to a game of chess!  

Onoel and Nanael’s birthday came as quickly as their birth, and Anapiel didn’t throw a party, instead, she had a private affair with just the family.  After Mihr leaves the house Phul will take over portraits, but he’ll probably take them with his camera on a large portrait setting, since you get that unlocked around the same time you get still lifes unlocked.

Anapiel and Onoel.  Onoel has blue eyes like Christopher and Nanael has green eyes like Anapiel.  The girls look like they’ll have Christopher’s nose, but its too hard to tell, the only difference between them is their eye color.

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Chapter Seventy-Seven

The family broke §1,000,000 in worth, having almost §100,000 in cash, the rest in investments, and home worth.  This meant quite a few people got 20,000 lifetime happiness points.  The Morcubus Minxes played another gig, and Mihr had his birthday into adulthood.  He wanted to marry Holly, but he knew that Anapiel was waiting for space in the house for kids, and it wasn’t like she was going to stay young forever…

Och’s ghost came out to play, and Carol decided to make sure he was really gone.  Her lifetime wish still didn’t register as fulfilled, maybe because he passed as an elder? And it wasn’t “premature”?  Since Carol didn’t get what she wanted, she moved out, only bringing in one point through portrait to the family.  She took the Simbot, Wesley, with her.  The move was successful.  Anapiel had ten days till she was an elder, and now there were three vacant ‘slots’ in the family, enough to comfortably have a child or two.  Mihr proposed to Holly, but they were going to wait on the wedding till after Anapiel had children.

Which should be soon.  Anapiel was pregnant for the first time, and got to stay home from work and try to get Nancy to agree to a game of chess.  While Nancy evaded Anapiel at every turn, Anapiel decided to do some things for a bit of star power, not that she wanted it, but it was something to pass the time.

Phul took a break in his photography (level 7) to make a friend, Gwendolyn.  She was a level 2 star, and she had the most beautiful eyes, just like Nay’il had, maybe this was Nay’il’s long lost sibling, after all, Nay’il had been adopted.  Gwendolyn and Phul had met at school, and she, though on the slightly heavy side, was lovely.  Phul had just the tiniest crush on her.  So far he had learned she was Hydrophobic, Grumpy, and Ambitious.  With other members of the family; Christopher had 11/13 perfect fish, he was very close to his lifetime wish!

Phul grew into an adult, and got the Handy trait.  He was now ready to get those last three points of photography skill and visit other destinations to get himself tons of pictures.  He had already completed one collection, and was working on the others- but of course he couldn’t do it without going to other countries.  He went back to dressing smartly, yet casual, as he had done as a child- and damn did he look good!  Mihr had two portraits to do, now that Christopher had knocked up Anapiel he was part of the bloodline, and Phul was an adult, therefor eligible for this point.

Anapiel went into labor early one morning, while Christopher dreamed of his beautiful marriage.  First came Nanael, a Genius and Good baby girl.  Then came Onoel, Eccentric and Good baby girl.  They had beautiful twin girls, and with Phul and these two up for the “throne” in Generation Five, there should be no worries.

Also~ I’ve gotten 90-something hits this past weekend, so I’m very happy!  -Senny

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Chapter Seventy-Six

As with every death, people seemed to split apart, go their separate ways and have their own way to grieve.  Carol, who was never close to Hassan, displayed a heart of stone, and was the only person able to function normally.  Everyone else, however, could not seem to forget those… uh… loving vampire eyes…  Och threw himself in his work, doing more for the science facility, and he unlocked the Master Invention, a SimBot, shortly after Hassan’s death.  Anapiel began some home improvement projects, like moving the garden, and things.  Anahel barely ever came to the house.  Christopher had 9/13 perfect fish, and kept fishing, more than he used to- a fisherman’s way of coping.  Mihr, who was hit hardest of all, losing his only immediate family, cried all day and wrote mopey songs on his guitar.  Phul didn’t know how to handle death, being a teen and full of churning hormones, he simply kept to himself.

The house got a face lift, from fencing to even the type of hot tub the had.  Anapiel replaced, along with fencing and the hot tub, a few columns, some flooring for the roofs, and she extended the pool area, and moved Och’s garden.  Monday Christopher and Och aged up, Christopher into an adult, and Och into an elder.  Och finished his Simbot, named Marty, later that evening, and decided to get the reward to have another basically appear- meaning his lifetime wish was, yes, complete.  Now it was time for Carol to start sabotaging Och, so she could get her lifetime wish.

The Morcubus Minxes played their first ‘real’ gig, and it was a great hit.  But Anapiel was still having no luck with Nancy Landgrab, so she fired Nancy from the theater, and stalked her, but Nancy still evaded a chess match while doing NOTHING, as in just sitting at her house.  Anapiel finally worked her way into the Landgrab house and challenged Nancy to a game of chess.  This would have gone great if the Landgrab chess table hadn’t been wedged into a corner, and Anapiel had been able to sit, so instead Anapiel and Nancy grouped up and they went to the chess park.  Then Nancy bailed right before they got there.  Anapiel was furious.  FURIOUS.

There’s Hassan’s ghost, and Wesley, the simbot in the basement that refuses to move out.  More on that later.  The family had been getting on fine recently, that is until Carol convinced Och he should start detonating things.. particularly things in the new “guest house”.  Unfortunately for Carol, Och’s flaming death did not git her lifetime wish.  She would need to wait till Och’s ghost came out to play to be truly happy.

Poor, Poor Och.

WESLEY will not move out because my game won’t process the move-out thing.  It just sits there forever at the screen with the lil Processing thing going round and round.  I’ve tried so many times now, so it looks like, since my sims STOP what they’re doing just to be like “ugh gross, simbot” Wesley stays in the basement.  Till he dies.  Or something.  Anyone else had this issue?  If a simbot malfunctions (gets wet) can you sell him for money?  I know you can sell servos in sims2 OfB, but can you in Sims3?

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Chapter Seventy-Five

Another Long One (no seriously, its really long)- Senny Blurb at the end

Och had one gem to find to unlock the heart cut… The Pink Diamond.  Mihr, who was starting his guitar skill, attended a class and joined the music career- just to have something to do when he wasn’t playing the guitar.  He and Holly were still going quite strong, but neither had committed to the other.  Anahel and Mihr formed a band, and were the Morcubus Minxes.  He had guitar covered, and she had Piano completely down, not to mention one point away from maxing guitar, her next conquest would be the bass.  Christopher now had 3/13 fish caught, and he and Anahel had decided to wait on kids, wait till Och and Carol were out of the house, and wait till Anahel was at least more than halfway done with her lifetime wish- but then again, she could always marry and have a child of her own…  It would always be a mystery.  Phul decided his lifetime wish- World Class Gallery, meaning he needed to learn the photography skill now!

After beating Jamie, Anapiel basically told the woman to ‘GTFO SO I CAN BEAT ANOTHER PERSON’.  Except tactfully.  Phul was up to Photography level 2 just by taking pictures of everything he could find, from Jamie being tossed out by Anapiel and Carol walking by (‘Three’s Company’) to the TV, Stereo, and his dad.  Anapiel was beating everyone in chess, trying to get her lifetime wish completed on the weekends, and her career completed on the weekdays- she wanted both done before she had children, even if that meant she had children later in life.  At the same time Phul got to level three in photography, Carol maxed out the cooking skill!

She’s often in her swimwear.  Mihr had taken a liking to fame, and was out doing anything he could to acquire it.  Monday was Phul’s birthday into a teenager, and Carol let him skip school.  It was also coming up on her birthday into an elder, and somewhere close by lurked the birthdays of the twins.  Due to Phul’s “indifferent” study habits he developed the Genius trait.

Phul spent the rest of the day taking pictures around town, getting out of the house, and otherwise furthering his photography skill.  Phul’s makeover made him into a dashing photographer- slightly messy hair and a stylishly sloppy wardrobe.  Both Hassan and Anapiel got promotions, meaning Hassan was at level 9 and Ana was at level 8.  Mihr was doing well at work, and Holly and he were thinking about becoming an item.  Och was still trying to find that darn Pink Diamond.  Phul registered as a self-employed photographer while he was out and about, most of his photographs already fetching somewhere around the §50 mark.  Since it was Monday Anahel and Carol went out to collect the investments- one getting half of the city, and the other visiting the remaining venues.  Though the money should be used to further the Harks Portfolio, it was used to further the Romper-Skills Wing.  The living room was also altered, moving to the old skills room, and a formal living room with a fireplace was added.

There’s Hassan playing chess, he’s nearly complete with this skill as well, he plays to pass the time.  In the mirror above the fire place you can see the Kitchen Walls, due to the fact that the only thing separating the living room and kitchen is a half-wall.  The small bookshelf that had been in the house from Armisael’s time was replaced with two bookshelves, and there was plenty of money to spare after all the changes had been made.  Mihr also got a promotion on Monday night, pushing him to level 3 in his career.  Tuesday it was The Ana’s birthdays.  There wasn’t going to be a party- because what woman celebrates getting older?  But there would be cake.  Christopher also caught 5/13 perfect fish for his lifetime wish.  For her birthday, Anapiel gifted Anahel a large fence around the property with a security gate- it was actually for all the celebrities in the house.

The house had really grown since Eae had first built it, now there were only a few things that needed to be changed, like the garden placement, the color of the outside fences/flooring, stairs, and of course, the crypt had to be added.  The lawn could use a bit of a sprucing up, but the house that Eae built to last generations was definitely the house that the Harks were sticking with.

Och, in hopes of finding that blasted Pink Diamond, started using the Miner wherever he could, and one day he found a series of tunnels- and decided to investigate because maybe the Pink Diamond was deeply buried?  He instead found a Vampire’s Eye.  Anapiel got a wish of Being Worth 1,000,000 and it shows how much the family is worth in the wish; The house is 300,000 but apparently all their investments and money on hand gives them 500,000 more, totaling out to a grand 800,000!  Wednesday both Anapiel and Hassan had off, so Hassan begrudgingly went out for a day in the sun to get information for reports, while Anapiel defeated chess opponents in the nice, shady, cool indoors.

(Doesn’t Hassan blend in wearing all black?)  Och finally found it.  The Pink Diamond.  It finally appeared, and he finally got the heart-shaped cut, and he finally got a heart shaped cut Pink Diamond.  He also got the Vampire’s Eye cut into a crystal ball- just for the fun of it.  Christopher, like Och, was having a great day, he reached level 10 in Fishing, which meant he’d probably be completing that lifetime wish pretty soon, soon enough to be a stay at home dad?  Maybe.

Though Mihr had a big honker, he made up for it by having a perfectly sculpted body and thick wavy hair for Holly to run her fingers through- just look at her face, she’s in heaven… Of course she is, she’s surrounded by angels.  The two were finally going steady now, and that meant Mihr was now a level three celebrity.  Odd as it is, since his lifetime wish has nothing to do with fame, but he’s got it.  Even with his big honker.  Here’s a reminder of just how big it is:

Well, as it is, Wednesday ended and Thursday began- Thursday would be a good day, everyone knew, because that meant there was only one day till Friday.  Proof of this was that Anahel had just finished with the guitar, and her next instrument, bass, was already in her hands!  Anapiel got a promotion to Neurosurgeon, meaning she was at level eight of her career.  Hassan was close to that final promotion, hopefully his stack of reports would give him that final push.  Carol had her birthday into an elder and had to tone down her ‘I’m still young!’ image… because she was not still young.  Mihr also got a promotion.

Carol was still lovely, even as an elder.  On Friday she learned every recipe there was to learn without visiting other destinations.  Also on Friday, Hassan completed his lifetime wish!  He was now an International Super Spy, he had made it to the tippy tip of the tippy top!  Anapiel managed to pull off a back-to-back promotion, and reached the top of her career, as a World Renown Surgeon, on Friday too!  Now she just had to work on her lifetime wish!

Everything was pretty rad at the Hark house that night, it was like a house party and no one else was invited.  On Saturday Anapiel kept trying to invite Nancy Landgrab over for a game of chess, but she always had something come up- same with Wednesday when it came Nancy’s turn to play Anapiel.  This was putting a wrench in Anapiel’s goal to complete her lifetime wish veeery quickly.  Anahel was already at level 5 in bass, and Holly joined the Morcubus Minxes, but so far they had only played one gig.  No matter when Anapiel called, Nancy was always out.  She was told to call back at nine, but “something came up”.  It was getting ridiculous.  The same thing happened Sunday, so far Nancy had wasted two days!  TWO!  Anapiel was furious.  But unfortunately….

Hassan passed on, which closed the book on Generation Three.


Sooo sorry this chapter was mega long, but Hassan had to die for generation three to be over with, so I could move onto the generation four chapters.  Unfortunately, this means I starved him.  In sunlight.  Poor thing.  Anyway, I just wanted to share a bit of my life with my readers, but I don’t have enough to share that requires a creator update.  Just a few pictures, but before we get started, let me show you what I, Senny, looked like pre-pregnancy, I will provide a link to my old modeling portfolio (yea, I modeled).  That is located here.  Now during my pregnancy pictures- meaning just recently, at week 24/month 6, here is me, and here is my baby boy.  I’m simming a lot more since I’ve been working 6hrs a day 3[ish] days a week, and its how I like to unwind.  I’ve been thinking of putting myself more into the posts, but refrain, figuring you want a story, not a narrative and me calling my sims horrible horrible names (“FILTHY. FILTHY. ANAHEL!!!”).  But if you want more me and it would make it funner to read, feel free to tell me so?  I’ll totally take your opinion into account since I really don’t think I have many readers..  =3 I appreciate the ones I have.  OH, another update, Anapiel will not have children till there is plenty plenty room in the house.  If you were expecting her to pop one out right away, I figured I’d tell you.  I kinda am sick of a full house.  I love simming, but man, I cannot wait for it to just be Anapiel, Christopher, kids, and maybe Phul (hopefully Mihr and Anahel gtfo with their ltw complete).

That’s it!  Bye!!

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