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Chapter Sixty-Seven

Eae created an Ice Toilet, and had the urge to test it out….  Apparently, it is cold.  While everyone was doing their own thing, Och had ran out of things to invent; so he… Invented an excuse to talk to Carol Funke.

And eventually, he noticed something was off when she went to work in her bathing suit.  But he loves her… or thinks he does.. and no one cares enough to tell him he’s wrong except the Butler who keeps telling him that his ideas are too harsh and she bruises easily.  For the record, that isn’t her trailer back there, she lives across the street, but alas the insane woman had captured Och’s heart.  He would call her every chance he got, and he invited her to the house many times to get to know her.  It wasn’t long before the rest of the family noticed Och’s constant smile, and knew that Carol was the reason for it.  He wanted to marry her, but he was hesitant.

Hassan, on the other hand, was now at Law Enforcement 7; slowly he was realizing his lifetime wish while Och’s was at a standstill.  Anapiel, who had been notified of her heiress-ship, was constantly trying to better her skills and find a romance.  Och and Carol were really starting to hit things off, and the twins’ birthday came up.

The two had their party at the bar, with all their friends.  At the party, Sophia, the mother of the twins and Och, died.  Anahel became a heavy sleeper, and Anapiel, the prodigy and heiress, grew into her last trait, Family Orientated.  There was yet another death of some random person at the party.  Anapiel and Anahel didn’t let that slow them down, they partied, went home, and slept till near afternoon!

The two sisters had very different styles, Anahel was all about the latest trends, and Anapiel was very careful about what she wore, picking dresses and skirts that fit her life style of logic and sense.  Both had long hair now, Anapiel’s swept to the side, and Anahel’s was long and styled to her own liking.  While Anahel was in her pink dresses with her heels, Anapiel had her dresses and cardigans, with her own style, geometric deigns and pretty sweaters.

Anapiel and Anahel still shared a room, but they didn’t mind, they were hardly in it as it was.  Anapiel, pictured above, liked to spend her time at the parks that had chess boards.

Anahel, above, preferred to go to bars where she got to play for live crowds for tips.

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