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Baby Updates

I’ve just entered my second trimester weighting 111.  Pre-Pregnancy weight was somewhere around or below 110.

Everything’s healthy and fun and stuff.

I’ll be going to my mom’s for a week on Friday.


I’m not sure what else to add, so if you have questions, ask in comments and I’ll get back to you asap.

-Senny P.

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Chapter Sixty-Six

Your Winner

Your Heiress

Anapeil Hark,

She won by all seven votes, and there were no votes to decide a spare; so I say that can be Anahel.  Generation Four is ready to take over!

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Chapter Sixty-Five


Here are how things are going to go down if no one votes:  Anapiel will be heiress, Anahel will be spare, and Mihr will be a breadwinner.

Anapiel Hark

angel whose name means “branch of God.”
Daughter of Leo and Sophia, Adopted by Eae.
Twin to Anahel

Perfectionist, Ambitious, Genius, Good
Classical, Autumn Salad, Spice Brown
Chess Legend

Anahel Hark

angel who rules the third heaven.
Daughter of Leo and Sophia, Adopted by Eae
Twin to Anapiel.

No Sense of Humor, Inappropriate, Friendly, Good
Egyptian, Grilled Cheese, Pink
One Sim Band

Mihr Hark

Son of Hassan and Eae.

Dramatic, Clumsy, Artistic, Good
Chinese, French Toast, Purple
Master Of The Arts



You have three days; till Janurary the 26th, to cast your vote.


PS:  I will update you on my life on Thursday, the 27th, which will be my second appointment to the Baby-Doctor-Lady.


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Chapter Sixty-Four

Och was finally at level ten of inventing- and still a young adult to boot!!  He went out to go hunting for gems, having invented all he could possibly invent.  Hassan got promoted into the Special Agent branch of Law Enforcement, and was now on the Vice Squad.  Everyone was sticking to their own plans; Och would collect his gems, Eae would sculpt, Hassan would work and meditate, Anapiel played chess, Anahel played the piano, and Mihr painted.  Everyone had a hobby, and no one had time for each other these days, always busy.


Mihr’s teenage birthday came one Wednesday, most of the family were still in their pajamas.  Eae and Mihr had struck a deal, he could grow in the morning and miss the day of school so he could work on his painting.  But now it was up to Eae to decide upon a heir or heiress.  Mihr also developed the Dramatic trait- much like his mother.

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Chapter Sixty-Three

Anahiel decided that she wanted to become a Chess Legend, which meant she wouldn’t be needing Charisma after all, she would just need logic- and then to beat some people’s butt in chess.  Anahiel could do that.  Anapel decided on the One Sim Band wish- and since she was halfway through piano, she felt sure she could do this.  Och, however, was having fun with his inventions.

"dunnndunnnduuuuunnn" "OCH, SHUT UP AND JUST GO TO THE FUTURE!!!"

Och went every which way in the past and future, before he came back to the present and went back to his inventing bench.  Mihr decided that he would enjoy becoming Master Of The Arts, so everyone in the house had developed a long term goal to keep running towards.  Well… most were running, Eae was happily retired and sculpting away.  Speaking of Eae, she was growing worried, she knew Och didn’t want to be disturbed, that he felt he had no time for the legacy, with pressing matters in the past, present, and future, he needed to invent! invent! invent!  But Anahel and Anapiel and Mihr were all candidates for the next legacy.  Mihr wasn’t a teen, and that’s usually when the heir or heiress was decided, but Eae was getting old…  Okay, maybe 79 wasn’t too old, but she’d be 80 soon, and then 90, and then dead.  Or at least that’s how Eae saw things.  Who would lead the legacy next?  So far it had only been women to lead the legacy- would the legacy turn into a matriarchy?

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Chapter Sixty-Two

The twins were both deciding on what they wanted to do with their lives.  Anapiel had it down, she would learn Logic, and maybe get a few skills in Charisma, and by the time she was done with that she’d be an adult and see what opened up for her.  Anahel, though, had no idea what to do.  Eae had retired and was now taken to sculpting as her golden-years hobby.  Her husband was still young, very young, and… their relationship didn’t seem to last after she had aged up.  It was alright though, because Eae knew when Mihr came into childhood he would need Hassan to understand, and Hassan was from nearly the same generation- unlike Eae.  But Hassan was about to age into a mature adult soon, which would distance Mihr and his parents even more.

The next birthday was Mihr’s, but Mihr had only learned to speak, so Hassan taught him his other valuable essentials before his birthday.  What was good news was Och learned to make the time machine- a valuable invention that would beyond a doubt a great addition to the house.  Anahel finally figured out what skills she wanted to learn; starting with Piano.

"Uncross your eyes, Mihr."

Mihr grew up with plenty of hair, and he also developed the Clumsy trait.

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Chapter Sixty-One

Sunday was a special day, Eae was aging into an elder, and the twins were aging into teenagers.  Sadie was supposed to age up also, but her and Duma were moving out- Eae and the twins were having private parties- and their butler was downstairs in his room resting.  This would also explain why Eae wasn’t going to have any mored children besides Mihr.

The three Hark ladies, the leading and the possible future leaders of Hark, had their cake- but didn’t eat it because cake makes you fat.  Anahel developed the No Sense Of Humor trait.  Anapiel became more ideal with the Perfectionist trait.  Anapiel and Anahel went to get some make-overs, and here’s the after pictures; Anapiel is first.  Now, be warned, Anapiel is a professional, therefore is dressed as such.

And now for the inappropriate, and not funny, Anahel.

And wouldn’t you know, Anahel inappropriately closed her eyes during her picture.

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